Science-based Solutions

Every land mitigation situation is different. Climate, location and soil health are only some of the factors that must be weighed when creating a solution. We tailor our services for any possible situation.

Industries Served

We’ve made the energy and construction sectors the basis of our work, helping companies incorporate land stewardship into any project.
In the oil and gas sector, KerTec, LLC can offer proactive and reactive services for any case.
KerTec, LLC keeps green energy green by creating custom vegetation solutions for solar farms across the U.S.
For commercial construction, KerTec, LLC offers help with every step from the planning process and even after the project is complete.
KerTec, LLC keeps Wind Energy workspaces accessible and environmentally compliant, making it easier to maintain the area.
With pride, KerTec, LLC serves the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy in their ever-growing environmental needs.

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