Vegetation Establishment & Erosion Control
KerTec, LLC restores disturbed lands to their pre-construction state for the oil and gas, solar energy, wind energy and mining industries.
We research the best vegetation for your climate and region. We ensure that the ecosystem is built for longevity with pollinators to attract wildlife and stabilize the natural balance.
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We determine the best seeding options for your land. Hydroseeding is a cost-friendly alternative to traditional seeding or sod. It’s purpose is doubled for revegetation and erosion control.
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Erosion Control
Erosion control is a critical component to land conservation. We offer multiple forms of erosion control, dependent on the stage of a construction project or the climate and region.
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Vegetation Management
Vegetation management is a crucial aspect of successful projects like solar farms. Kertec offers various vegetation management services including solar mowing and solar grazing.
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Bringing Land Back to Life With
Science-Based Methods

With our process, we start with an initial consultation of the project. We analyze the current state of the land, the climate, consider the ideal ecosystem for the region and consider regulations involved with the project. We use high quality equipment, find the resources best suited for the project and work to complete the project in a timely fashion.

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