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Erosion Control, Reclamation, Revegetation, and Vegetation Management services grounded in science.

Bringing Land Back To Life

Science-Based Methods

KerTec provides initial consultation to analyze the current state of the land, climate, and vegetation while also considering regulations or specifications for the project.


KerTec strives to use state-of-the-art equipment and materials to help ensure success and sustainability of each project while managing expectations and maintianing budget-efficiencies.


Vegetation Establishment & Erosion Control


KerTec's team of experts is able to offer industry experience and insight, design-build, or fully customize science-based environmental solutions for any project throughout the country.


Permanent stabilization of topsoil is a critical component of land stewardship. KerTec offers multiple forms of Erosion Control Services that are tailored specifically to the site.


Through high-level discussions, KerTec's team of experts with nearly a century of experience in the Native Seed Industry, is able to help analyze the needs of the Project Site, climate,  and region in effort to meet or exceed the goals of the Client.


Hydroseeding/mulching is an excellent option to accomplish Erosion Control and Revegetation - simultaneously. KerTec is able to customize the application to the project in effort to achieve the best results while also remaining cost-effective.


KerTec has a team of qualified Natural Resource professionals able to install, inspect, monitor, repair, and report for SWPPP to help ensure a project is successful and sustainable.


Vegetation Management is a crucial aspect of successful projects, especially solar farms. KerTec offers various Vegetation Management Services, including customized plans, mowing and spraying programs, robotic mowing, and grazing.

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