About KerTec

Our Mission
Plain and Simple: Restore and sustain natural, beautiful life on disturbed and damaged land.

Environmental stewardship is the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s reclaiming disturbed landscapes or integrating prevention measures to protect an ecosystem, KerTec is ready for the job.

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Our Roots Run Deep...
The Kerby Family of West Texas is rooted in environmental conservation and natural sciences. As the surrounding areas began booming in the wind, solar, and oil and gas energy industries, the amount of disturbed land saw an increase too. In 2014, the Kerbys sought to solve this problem with their professional training and more than 30 years combined experience in environmental restoration.
The Solution? KerTec, LLC
It Takes a Village...
In 6 short years, we’ve grown from only having one employee to having 20 restoration and conservation experts on our team. KerTec’s wide array of environmental specialists allow our company to build innovative science-based methodologies to approach disturbed lands. Our team tackles each project with unique solutions to provide the most successful result, protecting the area for years to come.
A Team of Experts