About KerTec-2

Kertec was created out of the experience gained from overseeing 200,000+ acres of reclamation and revegetation on privately-owned high-erodible land. Kertec has 30+ years of combined experience in establishing vegetation in areas thought to be degraded beyond repair. This experience involves understanding the land, understanding the highly specialized equipment involved, and the resourcefulness to adapt to changing landscapes and unforeseen obstacles that arise.

We recognize a need for knowledgeable, technical expertise in reclaiming right of ways (ROW) in the oil and gas industry. Reclaiming disturbed land is what we all educational backgrounds and is what we do on an everyday basis. We have made our expertise and knowledge available to oil and gas, mining, and other industries. We have the ability to make native plant re-establishment recommendations and be onsite to seed the recommended species. We also are familiar with all FERC, BLM, and USDA requirements. Therefore, we will ensure you reclaim the ROW according to all laws that apply. Also, if a project has special requirements will be glad to provide the seed as spec’ed. It is imperative to make sure these delicate seed planted in a way that will provide the seed the best opportunity to germinate and establish quickly.